Panache LLC is a local, majority women owned, CERT certified small business, committed to building an environmentally and economically sustainable local community. Panache started with of a love of apples and a desire to reintroduce heirloom apples in our daily consumption. Heirloom apples, passed down for centuries by family farms, come with a deep history of hand crafted artisanal practices creating time honored quality products. Hard ciders, botanically infused apple juices and spreads, jams, fruit compotes are some of these quality products. Panache is honored to bring these handcrafted products to you.

Order Caramels

Panache brings to you the proverbial apple- for nourishment and fun- a select line of apple caramel, the classic and variations with sea salt and cinnamon. Our products are authentic, handcrafted based on the recipe by a Master Chocolatier at Dieppe. Upon retiring, this renowned chef honed a set of recipes, donated them to the Ateliers of Etran.

Order Juices

Minnesota grown apples with French artisanal varietals and methods. Pure juice to refresh a discerning palate. To be savored at any time for crisp replenishment and nourishment.

NOTE: Our juices are perishable and shipped to the Minneapolis metropolitan area only.

Order Hard Cider

From the very heart of the apple growing region, Caen Bassin and the Pays d’Auge, Panache brings to you a fine selection of artisanal Ciders from an orchard that originated in this region in 1651. After 1930 it expanded to its present size with the consolidation of two farms and the acquisition of a 13th century Chapel called the Chapel of Nettles. The orchard covers 120 hectares of approximately 24,000 apple trees providing for 16 varieties of cider apples.