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Minnesota Entrepreneur Network (MNEN)

An informal collaboration of entrepreneur support organizations committed to growing the Minnesota entrepreneurial ecosystem. Entrepreneurs birth new ideas, create jobs and create wealth. For them to succeed they need active and consistent support from the MNEN. The MNEN is committed to leveraging resources in support of entrepreneurs and to promoting citizen awareness of the benefits successful entrepreneurs bring to the State and to their communities.

All across our state, organizations and individuals are working with colleagues, their city, county and state government officials, their schools and post-secondary institutions, their main streets and their industrial parks to identify ways to grow and sustain their local economies and the economy of our state as a whole. The competitions and accelerators featured at this Annual Minnesota Entrepreneur Kick-off are an important part of that process.  This year we are featuring: The Midwest Cleantech Open,  InnovateHER,  The Idea Competition, and The Minnesota Cup. We commend these efforts and believe that, through annually coming together from all across our state and from all sectors of this entrepreneurial support system to help these competitions and accelerators recruit participants, mentors and investors and for an evening of connecting, fun and information, we will further strengthen the network of connections and opportunity that is critical to a successful statewide entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This effort began in 2011 when five organizations hosted the first Entrepreneur Kick-off. It has continued each year thereafter with now more than 20 organizations and resource providers supporting the statewide effort.








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  • 201 Bloomington Road, Fort Snelling, MN 55111
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  • 218-205-9519


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MNKickOff 2016

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Now you can join our private group, “MNKickOff 2016,” where you can view behind the scenes planning and get introduced to our network. As a group member you can connect one-on-one with other members for an easy way to continue conversations after the Kick Off. Get things started by sharing an introduction of yourself with the group, then continue sharing videos of sessions and what’s happening throughout the day.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                          February 8, 2016


Contact:  Lois Josefson, Kick-off Coordinator, 218-205-9519,




The Sixth Annual MN Entrepreneur Kick-Off is Tuesday February 23, 2016 at the Ft. Snelling Boy Scout Base Camp.  The Kick-Off is Minnesota’s premier gathering of entrepreneurs, investors, start-up business competitions and the many community organizations that support the ecosystem.   This, unique to Minnesota, entrepreneur centered event is hosted by twenty-six organizations from across the State who are partners in the informal MN Entrepreneur Network (MNEN).


Commenced in 2011 to introduce early stage entrepreneurs to the start-up competitions providing mentorship and business plan advice and also to the support for their entrepreneurial journey that was present within the mission of the MNEN host organizations, the Entrepreneur Kick-off has grown significantly.  It has become a recognized Minnesota gathering place for our statewide entrepreneur ecosystem providing an affordably priced setting to share and celebrate MN developments in support of entrepreneurs, the innovation they foster and the success of their start-up companies – that success is important to our communities and our State’s economy.


This year’s Entrepreneur Kick-off will be the venue for the public launch of the Hill Capital Corporation, a business development company which will support an entrepreneurial economy through investment within their guidelines across Minnesota, western Wisconsin and eastern North Dakota.  The 2016 Kick-Off program also includes 10 breakout sessions, the Entrepreneur Showcase, reports of developments in the MN entrepreneur eco-system, supper and outstanding networking opportunities.  To register for the Kick-Off please visit




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