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Hosted by MN Entrepreneur Network (MNEN)

The Minnesota Entrepreneur Network (MNEN) is an informal collaboration of entrepreneur support organizations committed to growing the Minnesota entrepreneurial ecosystem. Entrepreneurs birth new ideas, create jobs and create wealth. Their path to success is aided by active and consistent support from the MNEN. The MNEN is committed to leveraging resources of benefit to entrepreneurs and to promoting citizen awareness of the positive impact successful entrepreneurs bring to the State and to their communities.

All across our state, organizations and individuals are working with colleagues, their city, county and state government officials, their schools and post-secondary institutions, their main streets and their industrial parks to identify ways to grow and sustain their local economies and the economy of our state as a whole. The organizations within the MNEN, the competitions and accelerators featured at this Annual Minnesota Entrepreneur Kick-off and the Sponsors which enable the financial accessibility of the event are available to company founders and are critically important one on one helpers and connectors for company founders as they navigate the pathway to success in the Minnesota entrepreneur ecosystem.

The MNEN initiative began in 2011 when five organizations hosted the first MN Entrepreneur Kick-off. It has continued to grow each year thereafter with more than 40 organizations and resource providers supporting the statewide effort in 2018.

Kick-Off Co-Hosts


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